Bar Champ

The Bar Champ is a manual bar PRECISION CHAMFERING MACHINE used to chamfer bars for many different applications. The rugged heavy duty proven design uses 2″ thick steel plates to ensure chatter-free operation. From light de-bur chamfers to heavy cuts on hard materials, the Bar Champ just works!

    • No hydraulics!
    • No change parts!
    • Holds concentricity when diameter vary!
    • Extremely fast changeovers!


    • Chamfer, Turn, Face, Center Drill tooling available
    • No change parts
    • Self-centering chuck holds concentricty on diameter variations
    • Chamfer head rotates so bar remains stationary
    • Economical
    • Heavy duty, proven design
    • Round, hex, square bar stock
    • Up to 4.25″ diameter bars
    • Uses standard 3-sided carbide inserts
    • Very low maintenance
    • Special tooling available
    • Designed & manufactured in USA

Standard Equipment

    • Standard chamfer head
    • 3-Jaw chuck
    • 2HP, 3 phase motor
    • Single speed positive drive gear box (no belts) – variable speed optional
    • Ball bearing ways

Stock Shapes

    • Round
    • Hex
    • Square


    • Steel
    • Stainless Steel
    • Titanium
    • Inconel
    • Aluminum
    • Brass
    • Bronze
    • Chrome

Barfeeder Application

In order to be able to run the largest bar stock diameter with a barfeeder that uses a collet style pusher, the bar must be turned down. The Bar Champ with the Turn and Chamfer tool is the answer.

Chamfering the front of the bar with a 30 degree chamfer will also help ensure that the bar loads properly.

Other Applications

Weld Prep – Put a consistent chamfer on parts to be welded to allow the weld to penetrate and lay flat on the part.

Debur – Instead of using a hand grinder to debur your bar, put a concentric consistent chamfer on them. A safer and better way to remove the burrs and sharp edges.

Machining – Machine a chamfer, turn and chamfer or face faster than loading the bar into a standard lathe. No need for expensive supports since the bar does not rotate.

Examples of bars chamfered/turned/faced/center drilled with our products

Turn and Chamfer

Mild Steel
Face and Chamfer

Stainless Steel
45 degree chamfer

Hex Bars – 3″
30 degree chamfer

Inconel & Titanium
Deep chamfers

Mild Steel – Square Bars
30 degree chamfer
Interrupted cut