Bar Support Accessories

Top Load Sport Quick Change Bushings

Bushings for Standard Round Smooth OD material:

Part Numbers

Below is the part numbering system for standard application bushings.

TLS3B-031-XXXX – For 3” capacity bar support
TLS4B-031-XXXX – For 4” capacity bar support
TLS5B-031-XXXX – For 5” capacity bar support

XXXX = Outer Diameter of material to be supported.
For example, 0.750” OD bar stock, XXXX = 0750, for 2.875” OD bar stock, XXXX = 2875

The 031 indicates the total clearance of the bushing. For example, TLS3B-031-1500 is a bushings for a 3” Top Load Bar Support for 1.500” OD bar stock, with a support ID of 1.531”. This clearance is generally recommended for most applications.

For non-round materials (hex, square, etc), hot rolled steel, or other non-standard attributes, please contact JF Berns Company for bushing support options.