CNC Top Load Bar Support

The CNC Top Load Bar Support is designed to safely support rotating bars that are longer than the CNC lathe spindle. The unit will increase machining speeds and provides protection from the rotating bar. To learn more about this unique product, see the information below or go to our Frequently Asked Questions section.

    • Tool-less changeovers!
    • Safety interlocked to lathe!
    • Safely run bars longer than spindle!
    • Economical!


    • Top loading convenience
    • No extra room required for end loading
    • Quick tool-less changeovers
    • Safe – bar is totally enclosed
    • Can be safety interlocked into lathe
    • Any length available
    • Durable bushings with solid lubricant additives
    • Size marked on all bushings
    • Optional retract section for spindle access
    • No oil or coolant required
    • Sturdy construction with adjustable height
    • Compact – takes little floor space
    • Made in USA


    • Supports rotating bars longer than Lathe spindle
    • End work on long parts
    • Short material runs
    • Can be used with bar pullers
    • Can be used with sub-spindle pulling bar
    • Bars longer than standard barfeeders



Diameter Range

0.25″ – 3.0″
0.25″ – 4.0″
0.25″ – 5.0″

* Larger Diameter capacities can be quoted.
** All models can be made to any required length

Note: Bars longer than the support can be loaded while the lid is open. Once manually loaded through the lathe spindle the bar length must be within the length of the Top Load Sport in order for the lid to close. If the bar is still extending out and the lid will not close, then the interlock to the lathe will disable the running of the bar.

CLICK HERE to learn how to use the CNC Top Load Bar Support as a spindle extension so that you can increase the loading capacity of your barfeeder.