Spindle Stops

Spindle Stops (or Parts Stops) are designed to provide a repeatable stop for front loading of parts through a CNC or Engine Lathe Chuck.

Model: SS2000-P

This spindle stop mounts to the coolant collector (not designed to work with a pull back collet chuck). The part stop shaft does not rotate wit the spindle which allows a large range of motion on the spindle stop adjustment. There are some Lathe make and models for which this version does not work due to the rigidity of the coolant collector.


    • Flexible mounting plate designs help to secure the stop to your machine
    • Stop head can be configured fromt he standard double o-ring sealed head to a custom designed head
    • Unique non-rotatiing design allows for a wide range of length position changes
    • Quick length adjustments – Simply loosen the shaft clamp bolts to position the shaft
    • Ball bearing assembly allows stop to rotate and the stop shaft to remain stationary
    • Designed and Manufactured in USA

Model SS2000-P Includes

    1. Part stop to match inside diameter of draw tube
    2. Bearing assembly
    3. Different lengths of stop shaft
    4. Necessary mounting components